Zotero Report Customizer

Zotero's reports are very useful, but they are unfortunately a bit inflexible. So, I hacked together a script to give me a little more control. In addition to letting you modify the data included, it also inserts all the styling as inline CSS, so you can send a colleague your pretty report without having to include seperate stylesheet files.

Dec. 2012 update:I'd love to keep adding features on this, but I'm currently working on a PhD and co-founding a startup, and the time just ain't there. However, feel free to fork it on GitHub and hack away; I'm happy to pull in new features, or of course you can just run your own version somewhere.

1:Copy your Zotero report's HTML source code to your clipboard (you can view the source code of a page by pressing [CTRL+U] or selecting View -> Page Source).

2:Pick your preferences:
Select the data you want to exclude from your report.
How you want your report items sorted?

update: I found out that there's a actually a way to do this in Zotero; you need to append specific values to the url of the report. You can find instructions in the Zotero documentation.