Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D., Information and Library Science, started fall 2009.
School of Information and Library Science, UNC-Chapel Hill

M.Ed. in Social Studies Education Aug. 2002
University of Florida

B.A. in History, May 2001
University of Florida

Refereed publications and talks

Cooper, S., Priem, J., Ranganathan, J., Taraborelli, D., Traphagen, K., Wood, S., 2013. A New Social (Media) Contract for Science. Panel at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Annual Meeting. Boston, MA, 14-18 Feb. [slides] [picture]

Milojevi?, S., Hemminger, M., Priem, J., Chen, C., Leydesdorff, L., Weingart, S., 2012. Information visualization state of the art and future directions. Proceedings of the American Society for Information Science and Technology, 49:1, pages 1–3, 2012. 10.1002/meet.14504901155

Bar-Ilan, J., Haustein, S., Peters, I., Priem, J., Shema, H., Terliesner, J. 2012. Beyond citations: Scholars’ visibility on the social Web. 17th International Conference on Science and Technology Indicators. Montreal, Canada, 5-8 Sept. 2012. [ArXiv]

Priem, J., Parra, C., Piwowar, H., Groth, P., and Waagmeester, A. 2012. Uncovering impacts: a case study in using altmetrics tools Second International Conference on the Future of Scholarly Communication and Scientific Publishing (Sepublica2012), Heraklion, Greece, May 27. [self-archived]

Priem, J., & Hemminger, B. (2012). Decoupling the scholarly journal. Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience 6:19. [open access]

Bar-Ilan, J., Bollen, J., Levitt, J., Milojevic, S., Priem, J., and Wolfram, D. (2012). Emerging Web metrics of scholarship: Future or fad? Panel at iConference 2012, Toronto Canada, Feb. 7-10. [abstract]

Priem, J., Costello, K., & Dzuba, T. (2011). Prevalence and use of Twitter among scholars. Poster at  Metrics 2011: Symposium on Informetric and Scientometric Research. New Orleans, LA, USA, October 12. [self-archived]

Priem, J., Piwowar, H., & Hemminger, B. (2011). Altmetrics in the wild: An exploratory study of impact metrics based on social media. Presented at Metrics 2011: Symposium on Informetric and Scientometric Research. New Orleans, LA, USA, October 12 [abstract] [slides]

Garnett, A., Holmbert, K., Pikas, C., Piwowar, H., Priem, J., and Weber, N. (2011). Shaking it up: Embracing new methods for publishing, finding, discussing, and measuring our research output. Panel at ASIS&T 2011, New Orleans, LA, October 9-13. [website]

Costello, K.L., & Priem, J. (2011). Archiving scholars’ tweets. Proceedings of the Fourth Annual Society of American Archivists Research Forum. Chicago, IL: Society of American Archivists, 2011. [open access]

Priem, J., & Costello, K. (2010). How and why scholars cite on Twitter. Proceedings of the 73rd ASIS&T Annual Meeting. Pittsburgh, PA, USA. doi:10.1002/meet.14504701201, [self-archived], [slides]

Priem, J. (2010). Fail Better: Toward a Taxonomy of E-Learning Error. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 43(3), 377-397. doi:10.2190/EC.43.3.f[self-archived]

Costello, K., & Priem, J. (2010). Archiving scholarly tweets. Poster at Society of American Archivists 2010 Research Forum. Washington DC, USA. [self-archived]

Priem, J., & Hemminger, B. H. (2010). Scientometrics 2.0: New metrics of scholarly impact on the social Web. First Monday, 15(7-5). [open access]

Black, E., Dawson, K., & Priem, J. (2008). Data for free: Using LMS activity logs to measure community in an online course. Internet and Higher Education, 11(2). doi:10.1016/j.iheduc.2008.03.002, [self-archived]

Invited talks, and panels

Bazargan, K., Bloom, T., Brantley, P., Collier, K., Eaton, A., Hole, B., Priem, J. New models for content dissemination and review. Invited panel (organizer) at Beyond The PDF 2, Amsterdam, Netherlands. 19 March. [slides]

Coleman, J., Hitchcock, T., Priem, J. (2013) In Search of Answers: Scholars and Scientists Speak Out. Panel at National Federation of Advanced Indexing Services (NFAIS) 2013, Philadelphia, PA, 24 February [slides]

Jagielski, J., McLennan, M., Priem, J., Thain, D., van de Geijn, R. (2013) How to measure the impact of software? Panel at NSF SI2 PI Meeting, Arlington VA, 17 January.

Priem, J. (2012) Altmetrics: Beyond the article and beyond the Impact Factor. Talk at University of Maryland Libraries, College Park MD, 5 December. [description] [slides]

Henning, V., Ziyad, M., Priem, J. Tinkler, J. (2012) Impact and the new digital paradigm. Panel at The Future of Academic Impacts workshop, London, UK, 4 December. [slides]

Priem, J. (2012) Altmetrics. Talk at Furman University Libraries, Greenville SC, 16 November. [slides and video]

Holmes, K., Priem, J., Trasande, K. (2012) Measuring Scholarly Impact: The Influence of “Altmetrics” on a Changing Conversation Talk at Columbia University, New York, NY, 13 Nov. [description] [video]

Priem, J. (2012) Altmetrics and the Decoupled Journal: An endgame for Open Access. Talk at Duke University Libraries, Durham NC, 22 October. [slides]

Piwowar, H. and Priem, J. (2012) total-impact: Uncover the hidden impacts of your research. Presentation at Startup Science, San Francisco CA, 15-16 June. [slides]

Crotty, D., Priem, J., and Reller, T. (2012) Publishers! What are They Good For? Panel at Society of Scholarly Publishers Annual Meeting, Arlington, VA, 31 May. [slides]

Priem, J. (2012) Metrics and revolutions: Decoupled journals, altmetrics, and the future of scholarly communication. Invited talk to the NIH Library, Bethesda, MD. 29 May. [slides]

Priem, J. (2012). Toward a second revolution: altmetrics, total-impact, and the decoupled journal. Invited talk to Purdue University Libraries. Lafayette, IN, February 14, 2012. [slides] [video] [liveblog]

Priem, J. (2011). Toward a second revolution: Data citation, altmetrics, and the decoupled journal. Invited talk at Duke Librarians Assembly. Durham, NC,  November 9, 2011.

Priem, J. (2011). total-impact. Invited software demonstration at the 2011 eScience Workshop: Transforming Scholarly Communication.
Cambridge, Massachusetts, October 23–25, 2011  [video]

Priem, J. (2011) Toward a second revolution: Data citation, altmetrics, and the decoupled journal. Invited talk at the DataCite’s Summer Meeting: Data and the Scholarly Record, the Changing Landscape. Berkeley, CA, 24-25 August 2011. [pdf slides]

Priem, J. (2011). Decoupling the scholarly journal. Invited talk at SameAs London, May 10, 2011 [video]

Costello, K., Piwowar, H., and Priem, J. (2011). Measuring More, Publishing More: Alt-metrics and Data Publishing. Invited presentation to UNC-Chapel Hill Scholarly Communications Working Group, January 12, 2011 [abstract]

Priem, J. (2010). Scholarly publishing and the Universal Journal. Invited presentation to the Public Library of Science staff, San Francisco, December 8, 2010.

Other publications, panels, and talks

Priem, J. (2013) Beyond the paper. Nature, (in press).

Avery, M., Harris, L., Priem, J., Weinberger, D. (2013) New Knowledge Ecosystems. Panel at South by Southwest 2013. Austin, TX, 11 March 2013. [audio]

Iorns, E., Priem, J. (2013) Using altmetrics to tell the full story of your research impact session at ScienceOnline 2013, Raleigh, NC, 31 January.

Priem J, Groth P, Taraborelli D (2012) The Altmetrics Collection. PLOS ONE 7(11): e48753. [open access]

Priem, J. (2012) The ‘scholarly spring’: revolutions in scholarly communication. LINK (the Association of Commonwealth Universities librarians’ magazine), Issue 15, May 2012. [self-archived]

Priem, J. (2012) total-impact. Lightning talk at SPARC Open Access Meeting, Kansas City MO, March 12-13.

Priem, J., Groth, P., Hoyt, J., and Fenner, M. (2011). How is the web changing the way we measure impact? Panel session at Science Online 2011, Durham, NC, USA [video]

Priem, J., Groth, P., Taraborelli, D., and Neylon, C. (2010). The Alt-metrics Manifesto. [web]

Priem, J. (2010). Should we archive tweets? Lightning talk at Web Science Conference 2010. Raleigh, NC, USA.

Invited session moderator

Priem, J & Trasande, C. (2012). Attribution metrics, at
International Workshop on Contributorship and Scholarly Attribution
. Cambridge, MA, 16 May 2012.

Neylon, C. & Priem, J (2011). ORCID and the digital scholar, at Identity in Research Infrastructure and Scientific Communication 2011. Helsinki, Finland, 12-13 September 2011.


Louis Round Wilson Fellowship (UNC School of Information and Library Science), 2011

Hooker Fellowship (UNC School of Information and Library Science), 2011

Royster Society of Fellows Distinguished Individual Leadership Award, 2011

Lester Asheim Fellowship (UNC School of Information and Library Science), 2010

Royster Fellowship (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill), 2009-2014

National Merit Scholarship, 1997


Organizing committee, Beyond The PDF 2 workshop, 2013

Lead organizer, altmetrics12 workshop at ACM Web Science Conference, 2012.

Program Committee, Special Track Research 2.0 at 12th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Knowledge Technologies (i-KNOW), 2012

Ubiquity Press Advisory Board member, 2011-present

Program Committee, American Society for Information Science and Technology special interest group for metrics (ASIS&T SIG/MET), 2011 – 2012

Program committee, ScienceOnline 2012 conference, 2011

Co-organiser, altmetrics11 workshop at ACM Web Science Conference, 2011.

Program Leader, Covenant-Royster Partnership (A mentoring program for economically disadvantaged undergraduates). Spring 2010-Spring 2011


“Altmetrics.” Guest lecture for LIS690: Emerging Technology: Web 2.0/Social Media, University of Kentucky. 23 March, 2012.

“Twitter and scholarship.” Guest lecture for INLS 200 – Retrieving and Analyzing Information, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. 11 April 2011.

“Altmetrics, peer review, and the future of scholarly communication.” Guest lecture for S604 – Topic: Scholarly communication, Indiana University-Bloomington. 21 April 2011.

“The decoupled journal and scholarly communication.” Guest lecture for S505: Evaluation of resources and services, Indiana University-Bloomington. 23 May, 2011.

Professional experience

Instructional Designer
University of Florida 2008-2009, Gainesville, FL

Web Designer
Freelance 2007-2008, McDonough, GA and Gainesville FL

Middle School Teacher
Union Grove Middle School 2002-2007, McDonough GA


Peer reviewer for

National Science Foundation, Science of Science and Innovation Policy  (SciSIP) program grant proposals
Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology (JASIS&T)
Journal of Medical Internet Research
Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience (special issue on open peer review)
Journal of Science Communication (JCOM)

Open-source software written

ImpactStory, (team) a Web application tracking online impacts of diverse scholarly products.
Zotero Report Customizer, utility for the Zotero reference manager
FeedVis, real-time visualization of RSS feeds
php-BackType, PHP library for the BackType analytics platform
HumanNameParse, PHP library for identifying the parts of a name in variously-formatted namestrings; useful for name disambiguation

Professional associations

American Society for Information Science and Technology
Association for Computing Machinery

Study abroad

Cambridge University, Summer 2000

Invited workshops

Scholarly Communication Institute Scholarly Production and Authoring, Meeting #2 Reputation Workshop. 2012, San Francisco CA
SciFoo. 2012, Mountain View CA
PLOS ALM Workshop.2012, San Francisco CA