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PrezDebatr 2.0! Beta!

Google is transforming the way we watch a political debate.  This Google Blog post demonstrates how viewers of the VP debate earlier this month made Google searches like “clean coal” and “define:maverick” spike as candidates spoke.  Without question, these viewers are experiencing something much richer than what would have been possible fifteen years ago. But [...]

Grad school: because your uncle at Lehman Bros. is not such a great connection now.

A nice bit of infoVis from the web comic Piled Higher and Deeper.  Kind of not the best news for someone who’s applying to doctoral programs this fall…um, can my app go in a special pile for people who’ve been planning this for years, regardless of what the economy would’ve done?

The trouble with tagclouds

Tag clouds, those darlings of early web 2.0, have been seeing something of a backlash lately. Zeldman was suggesting that tag clouds were the new mullets back in 2005; more lately, ReadWriteWeb wondered if tagclouds were dead altogether. The main complaint in both cases wasn’t that tag clouds were just no good, but that they’d [...]

Mmmm…data visualization bliss.

Has Scott Leslie has written the perfect blog post?  It’s a triple threat: a relevant, interesting topic (personal learning environments), a cool approach (visualizations), and—most importantly, for me—a comprehensive list of similar efforts by other bloggers. In a data-sodden world, the scarce resource is not access, but organization.  Scott adds organizational value both through visualization [...]