total-impact awarded $125k sloan grant

[Reposted from our total-impact blog.  Heather Piwowar and I are co-PIs.]

We just heard: total-impact has been awarded $125,000 by the Sloan Foundation! What does this mean for users?  By April 1, 2013, we plan to hit important milestones in three areas:


  • addition of over a dozen new information sources to, particularly data repositories
  • 60 github watchers, 20 forks
  • substantial innovation in user interfaces for and visualizations of altmetric data


  • 50k visits to, 30k unique visitors
  • at least 100 scholars embedding or linking to TI reports on their CV
  • at least 25 TI reports included in annual review or tenure & promotion packages
  • 15 publishers/repositories embedding total-impact data on articles/datasets
  • 5 in-process or published research studies based on TI data

Sustainability: A sustainable business plan and organizational model for a mission?driven TI organization

For more detail, see the grant proposal. We are so excited!  Thanks to Josh Greenberg, program director.  You won’t regret it :) As always, let us know if you’ve got thoughts or ideas on how we can best make these goals happen.  Now let’s go change the world!


Want to follow total-impact?  check out (thanks to Heather for compiling this list):

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