alt-metrics for your CV

The PLoS alt-metrics study is moving well; we’ve transitioned to an open notebook built on GitHub (which is awesome and a good topic for another post) and findings are starting to emerge.

I’m starting to think about next steps, and to me the obvious one is to build a frontend for our crawler–giving working scholars and funders the opportunity to try out alt-metrics for themselves.

I’m posting some rough mockups (click ‘em to embiggen) of what a public alt-metrics machine might look like. This would be a place where people could upload a list of DOIs (or some other ID) and get a page that’ll let them track, visualise, and analyse the impact of their work in a broader and faster way than citations alone allow–sort of a Google Analytics for your CV.

I’m thinking it’d be cool to also have a way to embed results in another webpage, so you could make your actual CV show alt-metrics in real time. But there are a lot of directions to take this. If you’ve got suggestions, I’d love to hear!

Here’s the homepage. Pretty basic–just a place to upload identifiers:


And here’s the results page where the real action happens. This shows a result from a pretty large set of articles, like a lab or funder might input:

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