In the 17th century, scholar-publishers created the first scientific journals, revolutionising the communication and practice of scholarship. Today, we're at the beginning of a second revolution, as academia slowly awakens to the tranformative potential of the Web.


My passion is for pushing this revolution forward. As co-founder of Impactstory, an open-source webapp supported by the NSF and Sloan Foundation, I help cutting edge scientists find and share the full impacts of their work--especially their web-native scholarly products like datasets, software, tweets, and more.

For more on me, check out my co-authored Altmetrics manifesto, my Nature piece on the future of scholarly communication, my Impactstory profile and CV.



Open-source webapp helping researchers create an impact story highlighting their diverse impacts; co-founder.
screenshot of the feedvis application


An interactive visualization for examining trends in a set of rss feeds. Featured on ReadWriteWeb and Information Aesthetics.
screenshot from the zotero report customizer application

Zotero report customizer

Sorts reports generated by the open-source Zotero reference manager; recommended in the Zotero documentation.


Extracts the parts of a name (first, middle, nickname, etc.) in all sorts of variously-formatted namestrings; useful for disambiguation.
obfuscation decoder screenshot

Email Obfuscation Decoder

A little JS demo I hacked up to support a blog post on how email obfuscation is pointless.
screenshot of the script's output

Live solar desktop generator

Uses PHP to scrape, organize, and display free solar data, images and forecast from NOAA and NASA in real-time.  [source]

art + design

  • small picture of poster
  • woman with sunglasses; sort of a bad scan because it wouldn't fit in the scanner...
  • An assignment in my infoVis class: self-portrait as a phrenology illustration
  • Image of infographic.
  • A drawing of some horses I made for a friend.  I made the drawing, not the horses.


Me sitting on a cliff by the sea. After getting my BA (history) and M.Ed from the University of Florida, I worked for five years as a middle school teacher, teaching history, language arts and media. After teaching, I spent some time as a freelance web designer, did some research at the University of Florida's edtech program, and worked as an instructional designer making online courses at UF's Center for Instructional Technology and Training. In 2009 I started my PhD at UNC-Chapel Hill's School of Information and Library Science, funded by a 5-year Royster Fellowship. I'm currently on a leave of absence to focus on Impactstory here in Vancouver, along with my co-founder Heather Piwowar.